Around the World - Adult Coloring Book

a dream come true. My own Adult coloring book filled with illustrations from around the world, illustrated by hand with ink pens.

Around the World - Adult coloring book
One of my passions in life is traveling, and one of my wildest dreams was to combine the two and create my own coloring book, made from places I have been to or wanted to visit from all around the world. last year that dream came true.

I created a Headstart project (the Israeli version of 'kickstarter') and for my surprise it was a huge success. I funded the creation of the book and worked on the illustrations for 3 months. All hand drawn with ink pens and scanned in high-quality. the original version was produced in Hebrew and later on translated to English.

These are some of the book's illustrations and some memories from this amazing adventure. I would like to thank my amazing contributors for making this dream come true!
You can follow more of my works on Instagram and Facebook.
The book is available on Amazon (English version) and my online store (Hebrew version).

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