Game Of Firms

Re-imagining The "Game of thrones" houses as Firms

I have been thinking about this project since I watched the 1st season of "game of thrones", how much resemblance there is between the coat of arms to a logo, family words to a slogan and the vicious race for the iron throne to the race of big firms for the stock market. The common grounds between all of them is creating a strong identity to differentiate yourself from the rest, to show what makes you worthy for the iron throne.
So I decided to create this project.
(and to be honest, I had to keep myself busy until season 4 started)
Arryn Airlines
Baratheon Winery
Greyjoy Canned Fish
Lannister Luxury Sports Cars
Martell Flatware
Mormont Camping Gear
Stark Cold Weather Outerwear
Targaryen Steak House
Tully Cruise Lines
Tyrell Flowers
Night's Watch flashlights
Dedicated to all game of thrones fans out there
Thank You For Watching

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