Illustration project - Coloring milk cartons
Created for GefenTeam/Tnuva
I was commissioned for an illustration project by GefenTeam, a Tel-aviv based advertising agency that created an amazing campaign for Tnuva, Israel’s largest food manufacturer.

The mission was to create hand-drawn illustrations, coloring book style, that could be printed on milk cartons and than later on colored. the exposure of the project was mind-blowing, the milk cartons could be found in almost every household in Israel and soon thousands of colored milk cartons started to pop up everywhere.

I would like to thank GefenTeam for giving me the honor to be a part of this amazing campaign, it was one of the most exciting campaigns i had the chance of working on.

Note: I was responsible for creating the illustrations, together with another illustrator. All other aspects of the amazing work was made by GefenTeam.
the final illustrations
the first milk carton I saw while making coffee at the office :)
Tv Spot. (credit: GefenTeam)
a small amount of photos sent to Tnuva's facebook page by children all over the country, coloring the milk cartons.
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